Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge for Tax Preparation?

Surprisingly, I charge less than most of the Big Name Companies, as I do not have the large overhead they do.  I charge by the forms for individuals.  For business, I charge a combination of by form and extra hours for non monthly clients.  Call for a free estimate based on what you have filed in the past.


I am a resident of another state. Do you file taxes for the State of ???

I have the Tax Software for ALL States and counties that require Income Tax Filing.  Many of my clients are residents of other states including Michigan, Illinois, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Maine, Arizona, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico


Do you file returns for rental properties or sale of a second home?

Yes I do.  A lot of my clients have second homes in another state.  Many eventually sell them or rent them out. I can advise you on the applicable exclusions, capital gains, and losses. Also, I have many clients with Commercial rental properties and AIRBNB's.